This questionnaire is about your learning to learn competency.

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught. It can be learning in the school, college or any other institution, learning something by yourself or with your friends, learning something by doing, learning something in your work place, preparing yourself for an exam or simply doing homework or any other learning experience.

Learning to learn is the competency which helps you to learn. We will discuss this competency when you will fill in the questionnaire.

Also, after filling in the questionnaire, you will be given individual advice how to be better learner.

Please tick the box at the evaluation of the statement which mostly corresponds with your behavior when you learn something.

1.When I am struggling with learning something I think that I’m not clever enough.
2.I often rethink my learning, what helps and what hampers it.
3.When I start learning something I set myself learning objectives.
4.When I need new information I know how to find reliable sources.
5.I think that learning together with somebody is more effective than learning alone.
6.I understand why I am learning something (what are my goals in life).
7.When I have problems with learning I try to understand the reasons why.
8.I never have time for learning.
9.When I do not understand something, I just skip it.
10.I can express my opinion to my learning group.
11.When I have difficulties to start learning something I try to refer to what I want to achieve.
12.I know how to study in the most effective way. 1
13.When I just start learning different interruptions (phone calls, e-mails, colleagues, family members, time for coffee, etc.) occur.
14.I spend a lot of time finding information I already have somewhere.
15.When I see that somebody has learning problems I offer my help.
16.When I learn something, I try to imagine how I can apply this in real life situations.
17.When I have learning problems, I try to find different ways of learning.
18.I make myself a timetable for organizing my day and learning periods.
19.I always speak with my friends and family members about what I have learned.
20.When I have learning problems I ask for help from my colleague learners.
21.When I reach my learning goals/objectives, I reward myself.
22.I know how to amend my way of learning based on previous learning experiences.
23.Regarding learning I never say “I’ll get to it later”.
24.Out of the information obtained from different sources, I know how to select the most important.
25.I always find somebody with whom I can learn with.